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          Under the business organization of Avalon Strategies, Mr. Ross provides consulting services in the areas of strategic management, finance, marketing, and dispute resolution in the fields of art, technology, real estate, and community organizations.

          Current representations of note include extensive work in the field of information security and information assurance. Mr. Ross has researched, written and implemented programs on organizational risk and liability, including regulatory and legal compliance with the privacy requirements of federal law, director and officer liability coverage, especially in the fields of financial institutions and law firms.

          Mr. Ross has also served as a founding member of two operating businesses. Standard Communications, Inc., is a Veteran-owned small business based in Virginia and engaged in government procurement consulting and communications services. Virtual Boardwalk is a company in the Bay Area providing Internet-based support services for meetings, conventions and trade shows.

          In addition to his law practice and entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Ross founded and served as Chairman of First Professional Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, First Professional Bank, a community commercial bank specializing in providing financial and related management services to health care professionals. In 1993, the banking business of First Professional Bank was sold to First Security Bank of Utah, N.A. In 1996, Mr. Ross initiated the conversion of the company's banking charter to an industrial loan charter, which was subsequently sold to Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation.

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