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Identity Theft Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions

          Identity Theft is the fastest-growing crime in the nation, with nearly 10 million victims last year alone. Their average out of pocket cost was $1500, and lost time between 200-600 hours. The aggregate cost to businesses approached $50 Billion.

          Whether you are a consumer, a business, a government entity, or other holder of protected information, you have come to the right place for assistance in dealing with this threat. Avalon's clients have included a broad variety of regulated industries, small businesses, and even families with identity theft concerns. Avalon Strategies offers certified identity theft risk management (CITRMS®).

          In cooperation with the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, Mr. Ross has written and published the all-new CITRMS® XV certification course for professionals working with consumers on identity theft risk management issues. Detailed information and enrollment facilities are posted at www.icfe.info.

          Yan Ross, Founder and Principal of Avalon Strategies, is a frequent lecturer and quoted authority on identity theft issues. His recent activities include conducting a comprehensive Survey and writing the Institute of Consumer Education 2008 Identity Theft Risk Management Survey and Report.*

          Currently, Mr. Ross is the representative of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) on the national Identity Theft Standards Panel, a joint exercise initiated by the American National Standards Institute and the national Better Business Bureau.

          In this capacity, he also serves as the ICFE's Project Manager for promotion and distribution of the Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS®) program. More information is available at www.cepod.org.

          Mr. Ross serves as a volunteer expert on the "All Experts" web site on Identity Theft issues — See AllExperts.com.

          Mr. Ross created and moderated a series of three 2-hour panels comprising a 6-hour CLE course for the Arizona State Bar, entitled "Identity Theft in Many Forms: Liability for Disclosure of Private Information, and Solutions for Prevention of Liability." This program was webcast live and is now offered online nationwide by subscription.

          He has also been awarded accreditation for his workshop sponsored by the Arizona Community Foundation for CE requirements of insurance agents and Certified Financial Planners, entitled "Identity Theft and Risk Management." Participants in this workshop included CPAs and attorneys with concerns for the rights and responsibilities of their clients.

          Mr. Ross has also created, received accreditation for, and regularly presents a 3-hour CE course for real estate licensees, entitled "Identity Theft Issues in Real Estate Practice." This course is available for accredited presentations to real estate licensees in additional States across the country.

          Mr. Ross's present objective is to help re-focus current efforts to combat identity theft from a "war of attrition" to a victim reduction posture. The principal elements of this approach are education and the generation of "actionable information." These elements are conducted in three areas:
  • Consumer [including high-school and adult] education on identity theft prevention, through live and online training as well as software-based disciplines.
  • Integrated case management tracking of identity theft incidents, among law enforcement, prosecution, regulatory, and private sector entities; the ability to discern patterns and link together the facts of large numbers of cases can lead to more effective prevention and prosecution [only about 5% of identity theft cases are now prosecuted].
  • Assisting public and private sector holders of protected information in complying with their responsibilities to maintain the security and confidentiality of such information.
          Avalon Strategies currently engages in consulting assignments for corporate, law enforcement, and individual clients.

          Depending on the nature of the client's needs, we may offer direct services as well as recommendations for specific software and third-party support plans.

          You are invited to contact us directly for an initial consultation on your needs, and to receive a free copy of Mr. Ross's current briefing on identity theft issues.

          *A current version of the Identity Theft PowerPoint briefing is available upon request to qualified parties.

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