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Reverse Mortgages

          Reverse Mortgages are a financial tool available to homeowners of the age of 62 or older. They are not for everyone. Mr. Ross provides responses to questions regarding eligibility, terms, consumer protections, financial requirements, and all other aspects of HUD-sponsored and other private program Reverse Mortgages.

          Mr. Ross serves as a volunteer expert on the "All Experts" web site on Reverse Mortgage issues.

          In addition to his legal and general business experience, Mr. Ross has trained with John Bennett, of Home Lending Specialists, one of the leading and most experienced originators of reverse mortgages in the country.

          Mr. Ross is currently creating an accredited course for Reverse Mortgage Advisors with certification by the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE).

          For a no-obligation consultation on how a reverse mortgage can work for you and your family, please contact Yan directly.

Direct Line: 602-703-3336
Toll-free: 1-888-355-5885

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